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Value creation

Product developers often fixate on creating the best product. Adding features. Adding value. Counterintuitively, this often results in hard to sell and/or unprofitable products. So... how to develop something that sells like hotcakes at a profitable price?

Value communication

People don't pay for value they don't expect to receive.

So... how do you communicate your products' or services' value so that people can't wait to throw their money at you?


The point of a good pricing strategy is to increase how much people are willing to pay for your products or services.

But... how do you build a strategy that makes people happy to pay more?

Market research

What do you need to get form market research to properly inform product development and marketing strategy development, so that you can dramatically decrease the chances of developing a product fail? And, how do you get it?

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Hi! I'm Andrea, and I specialise in incorporating market research and marketing strategy into product development, in order to make sure that the final result is a product that target customers want to buy at a profitable price.